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Heating ventilation and air conditioning system in commercial building

Our Projects

DKB, Inc. is proud to be involved with these industries and their projects.

High Tech / Clean Rooms

  • Titan Data Center, Moses Lake WA
  • VM Ware Wenatchee WA
  • Micron Building 50, Bosie ID
  • Vittasse Data Center, Prinville OR
  • Project Roosevelt, Quincy WA
  • Intuit Data Center, Quincy WA
  • Yahoo Data Center, Quincy WA
  • Micron NanoFab, Boise ID
  • REC Silicon TCS & DCS, Moses Lake WA
  • REC Silicon Control Room, Moses Lake WA
  • Honeywell ATF Expansion, Redmond WA
  • ASMI, Moses Lake WA
  • Microsoft Data Center, Quincy WA
  • Amazon Data Centers, Umatilla OR
  • Amazon Data Centers, Boardman OR
  • Micron Building 51, Bosie ID