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Our Projects

DKB, Inc. is proud to be involved with these industries and their projects.

Industrial Energy Services

Insulation panel system, Waterflow, NM

Industrial Energy Services is a division of DKB, Inc. which specializes in working with our partners in the energy production industries. The Industrial Energy Services division has the ability to mobilize where and when our clients need them and the flexibility to provided the services needed. The team is highly skilled with extensive experience working in and around the energy industry performing work on power generation stations, chemical and refinery plants across the Western states. They are looking to assist our energy partners in making their next project a success.


  • Hermiston Generating Station, Hermiston OR
  • Newmont Power, Battle Mountain NV
  • Solar One Plant, Las Vegas NV
  • Black Hills Energy Expansion, Pueblo CO
  • CHS Refinery, Laurel MT
  • PNM San Juan Generating Station, Waterflow NM
  • Yellowstone Energy Plant, Billings MT
  • Harding Generating Station, Hardin MT
  • Jupiter Sulphur, Billings MT
  • Exxon Refinery, Billings MT
  • Carty Generating Station, Boardman OR
  • Coyote Springs Generating Station, Boardman OR
  • TKS Chemical, Pasco WA
  • Air Liquide Hydrogen Plant, Moses Lake WA
  • American Shale, Rifle CO