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Mechanical Insulation

Mechanical insulation is primarily used to limit heat gain or loss from surfaces operating at temperatures above or below ambient temperature. Mechanical insulation may be used to satisfy one or more of the following objectives:

  • Condensation control – minimizing condensation and potential for mold growth by keeping surface temperature above the dew point of the surrounding air
  • Energy conservation – minimizing unwanted heat loss/gain from systems. There are three primary reasons to conserve energy:
    1. Energy – minimizing the use of scarce natural resources
    2. Economics – maximizing return on investment and minimizing the life cycle cost
    3. Environment – minimizing the emissions associated with energy usage
  • Fire safety – protecting critical building elements and slowing the spread of fire in buildings
  • Freeze protection – minimizing energy required for heat tracing systems and/or extending the time to freezing in the event of system failure
  • Personnel protection – controlling surface temperatures to avoid contact burns (hot or cold)
  • Process control – minimizing temperature change in processes where close control is needed
  • Noise control – reducing/controlling noise in mechanical systems