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We utilize the latest Construction Management tools and practices to provide a superior result to all of our clients.

Insulation Energy Appraisal

DKB, Inc.'s insulation appraisers are certified by the National Insulation Association.

Our certified appraisers are trained in construction drawings and insulation specifications and understand the principles and fundamentals of insulation and insulation systems. Calling upon years of experience, they are able to recognize potential basic safety concerns during facility visits and insulation system inspections.

Upon request, DKB, Inc.'s certified insulation energy appraisers will utilize sophisticated software to evaluate the thermal performance of insulated and/or uninsulated piping, ductwork and equipment in a given facility. They will document actual BTU losses, translate those losses into dollars, and calculate greenhouse gas emission levels with current in place insulation systems – important information for any facility concerned about energy efficiency.

In some cases an appraisal may illustrate that a facility is doing everything right – all of its mechanical systems are insulated to achieve maximum thermal efficiency. In other cases, an appraisal may demonstrate an enormous potential for savings with an insulation upgrade. The appraisal service can demonstrate the true dollar and performance value of insulation. It can be a valuable tool for making sound business decisions regarding insulation that will have a significant payback for the life of the facility.

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