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Firestop Installations for Life Safety

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Is your building Fire Safe and Energy Efficient? DKB's certified firestop installers properly install and maintain firestop systems, bringing peace of mind to you and your workers. Our trained and certified craftsmen allow us to provide a higher level of quality installations to meet all of your firestop needs. We concentrate on what's important; Life Safety and Energy Efficiency.

Firestop systems are designed to provide a level of safety and room to room protection by containing fire and smoke at its starting point for a predetermined period of time. In the event of a fire effective firestop systems not only increase individual’s chances of exiting the building and reaching safety unharmed, but properly installed firestopping in conjunction with other fire protection systems can significantly reduce potential structural damages to a building.

Not only can we help you understand firestopping systems, but we also provide a complete inspection with one of our competent firestop team members. Our goal is to help you determine your firestop needs and provide you with excellent service to properly firestop and acoustically seal your properties. Contact us today!

DKB Inc.

Our professional craftsmen are certified firestop installers of Hilti, 3M, STI, Rectorseal, ROXUL, Thermafiber and Carboline products.

Our skilled and certified technicians install UL assemblies for the following typical applications:

  • Electrical Penetrations
  • Mechanical Penetrations
  • Structural Penetrations
  • Openings and Blanks
  • Static or Dynamic Joints
  • Head, Bottom, & Wall-to -Wall Fire-Resistive Joint Systems

DKB. Inc. Firestop Projects

  • PDX 50, 52, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 80, 64 - Oregon
  • Seattle VA Hospital - Washington
  • 100K Annex - Washington
  • Utah Data Center - Utah
  • Yellowstone Club Village - Montana
  • Pillar Data Center - Oregon
  • Detroit Dam - Oregon
  • Nevada Casino - Nevada
  • BSU Micron Center - Idaho
  • Mountain View Hospital - Idaho
  • MWH04 - Washington
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